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The five-month Certification program in Digital Marketing focuses upon various aspects and tools of Digital Marketing; tools that are used to promote any product on various platforms on internet, majorly being.

The duration of the program is five Months with five levels, from the first level we will guide u how to earn from online jobs. As a beginner it will be the small tasks but if u r dedicated u can earn from the day u start at the final level we will make u a digital marketing e commerce expert if u follow our lessons carefully we will assure u will make more than five times bigger than your course fee.


According to the survey published in The Economic Times, India’s e-commerce market, which stood at $2.5 billion in 2009(Aprox.15000 crores indian rupee), reached $8.5 billion in 2012(Aprox.51000crores indian rupee) and raised up to 88 per cent to touch $16 billion (Aprox. 96000 crores indian rupee) billion in 2013. The survey estimates the country’s e-commerce market to reach $56 billion by 2023, driven by rising online retail.