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1 - Tutorial 1

Demo Tutorial

How to create aGmail account

Step 1.

Creating a Gmail Account, Go to www.gmail.com and click on “create an  account” button.



Step 2
Enter each and every details without any mistakes and click on “next step”.
See Example:
Step 3
Enter your mobile number for the verification and choose either from the given options.
Step 4
Enter the code in the text box which you will get from the mobile verification step.

Step 5
For adding a profile photo for your account just click on the “add photo” as shown in the below figure.

Step 6
Select a photo from your computer.
Step 7
Crope the photo as u wish and click set as profile photo.
Step 8
Your Gmail account will be created .click "Next" button.
Step 9
Your home page.


 Step 10
 You can leave from your account by click on “ sign out”.